Creating Opportunities for Affordable Housing

QCDO has had a long history developing, managing, and rehabilitating affordable housing in the region. The organization from time to time as funding is available provides low-interest loans and grants to homeowners for housing rehabilitation.  Currently at this time we are not offering these products.tion.

Picture of house

Picture of house "Before" renovation

Picture of house

Picture of house "after" renovation

Did You Know…

Affordable Housing is at a critical shortage in Quitman County.

Do you have a housing project you need help with?

Often times people need help or assistance with a project. Our organization would love to hear from you.

Community and Economic Development

Improving Physical Environment and Community Life

Because the physical environment and community life have a profound effect on people, QCDO works to improve conditions the surrounding neighborhoods We want our residents to have a community that is beautiful, and one that they can be proud to call home.

Micro-Enterprise Development: Through its Micro-Enterprise and Business Loan Program QCDO provides loans of $1,500 to $25,000 to stimulate and support the development of small businesses in the region. The organization has committed more than $200,000 to create a host of local businesses, including a trucking business,a restaurant, and a childcare facility.

An Example:

Walking Trail Dedication–October 9, 2013
The walking trail was made possible by Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS through donates funds. It is located in East Marks on the Old Marks High School football field. 

Quitman County Development Organization

Did You Know…

There are NO manufacturing jobs in Quitman County.

Do you have a community development project?

If so, we would love to hear from you. We take each project independently and consider all factors carefully.